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Carlos Sainz received the 2019 Sport Cultura Barcelona Award, to Best Career

The rally driver Carlos Sainz, received the Sport Cultura Barcelona 2019 award, in the category of Best Career. The award was given by the President of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Albert Agustí. The Vice President of Sport Cultura Barcelona and President of the RACC, Josep Mateu, and the General Secretary of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Rocío de Aguilera,they also attended the award ceremony. 

Carlos Sainz addressed a few words thanking the Award, watch video: https://youtu.be/hk_TW7OYVRM

After the award ceremony, which took place at the Carlos Sainz Sr. Indoor Karting, Albert Agustí, Josep Mateu and Rocío de Aguilera, had the opportunity to greet Carlos Sainz Jr., Formula 1 driver, who currently belongs to the team from Ferrari.

La Vanguardia

Mundo Deportivo


Extraordinary General Assembly Sport Cultura Barcelona

The Entity summoned the partners to an Extraordinary General Assembly, this took place by videoconference, through the Zoom platform.

The agenda for the meeting was approved, by an absolute majority.



Incorporation of the Fundación Joan Miró as a partner of Sport Cutlura Barcelona

Sport Cultura Barcelona has incorporated the Fundació Miró as a partner, through the official signing of the agreement, which has been celebrated at the headquarters of the cultural entity, by Albert Agustí, Chairman of Sport Cultura Barcelona and Sara Puig, Chairman of Fundació Miró Board. Also attended the event Rocío de Aguilera, General Secretary of Sport Cultura Barcelona and Marko Daniel, Director of the Fundació Joan Miró.

This agreement seeks to add complicities in favour of culture in Barcelona, both in the organization and participation of differents events with the aim of promoting the knowledge, opinion and debate among various cultural groups. In fact, this is one of Sport Cultura Barcelona objectives: to work to spread culture and sport, with its values, to create a better sociaty.


VIII Edition Quadrangular Sport Cultura Barcelona

The VIII Edition of the Quadrangular golf tournament Sport Cultura Barcelona, began at the Real Club de Golf El Prat. As in previous editions, it had the participation of 72 players, in the fourball match play handicap modality, but this time 4 Clubs participated, therefore 9 couples contributed for each Club.

The first match was held on October 5th and the winner of this only match played in 2020 was the Club de Golf Sant Cugat, which obtained 27 points.

The Club de Golf Llavaneras and the Club de Golf Terramar, who became a member of the Entity in December 2019, played this competition for the first time, obtaining 18.5 and 18 points, respectively. The Real Club de Golf El Prat achieved 8.5 points.

Due to the sanitary measures and restrictions by the Covid19, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th games had to be postponed until 2021.


General Assembly of Members of Sport Cultura Barcelona

Given the current sanitary circumstances, the XV General Assembly of Members of Sport Cultura Barcelona took place on September 22nd, at 1:00 p.m., through the ''Zoom'' platform.

It had a high attendance of partners and the lawyer Raquel Gómez, being an Assembly by videoconference, explained the rules of operation of the deliberations and votes before starting the agenda.

To begin with, the minutes of the Assembly held on June 19th, 2019 were approved. Then, President Albert Agustí, presented his report and explained the changes that occurred in the events planned during 2020, which due to the pandemic are expected to be carried out in 2021, as long as the situation is stable and allows to organize them in person.

Next, Rocío de Aguilera, general secretary, summarized the events organized throughout 2019 and those that could be held in the first quarter of 2020 and the webinars have been held in the 2nd quarter.

Finally, M.ª Paz Corominas, treasurer, presented the closing of the accounts for 2019 financial year and the 2020 budget, which was prepared taking into account the exceptional situation caused by the Covid.

The General Assembly of Members ended with a round of questions and answers.



The future of music, audiovisual and performing arts

With: Valentí Oviedo, of Gran Teatre del Liceu; Mª José Balañá, of Grup Balañá; Joan Oller, of Palau de la Música Catalana and Mònica Campos, of Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.

You can watch the conference online at YouTube channel:



Webinar with Rafael Vilasanjuan

Policy and Global Development Director at ISGlobal, member of the GAVI board and chairman of the Fundación Exit.

“COVID: from Health global security” 

Josep Mateu, chairman at RACC, introduced the speaker.

You can watch the conference online at the YouTube link:



Webinar with Francesc Torralba

Sport Cultura Barcelona has organized a webinar with Francesc Torralba, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Pedagogy.

At the present time is the director of Ehtos Cathedra at the Ramon Llull Universidad. 

''Emerging values in pandemic times''

The conference can be watched online through the  YouTube: https://youtu.be/x6aeHXt1UMI?t=57


Webinar with José María Gay de Liébana

Sport Cultura Barcelona organized a webinar with José María Gay de Liébana Saludas, full member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors, Professor at Barcelona's Universidad, Doctor in Economics Sciences, Doctor in Law and Chairman of the Sports Economy and Finance Commission of the College of Economists of Catalonia.

“Covid-19: economic shock, vulnerability of public finances and impact on sports”

The conference online can be watched in Youtube: https://youtu.be/ZDKkdEHdFKA



Dear partners,

Without any doubt, we are living a few months that none of us would ever have thought to live. Suddenly, our life and our day to day, have been altered by the action of Covid-19. I wish with all my heart that this virus has affected you as little as possible, and your closest environment.

After this serious crisis, the cultural and sports institutions of our country will need interlocutors to bring them together and to lead the conversations with the public administrations, mainly the Generalitat and the Barcelona City Council. For this reason I am convinced that from Sport Cultura Barcelona we have the capacity to carry out this function.

As you well know, Sport Cultura Barcelona was born to promote dialogue and understanding between institutions, citizens and relevant agents and strengthen the pillars on which our society has to be built.

If you consider it appropriate for Sport Cultura Barcelona to lead these dialogues with the institutions, I will be grateful for your support. Thus, we can hold a meeting, for the moment virtual, with you or with one of the people on your team, to start this process that, from my point of view, is crucial for the future of many cultural and sports institutions in our country. In this way, we can expedite any type of resolution with the Administration as much as possible.

The situation is complex, but it can be a very good opportunity to stand out. That is why I believe that Barcelona, a city of reference in many aspects, can reinforce and broaden its perception as a city of sport and culture throughout the world to achieve new achievements.

As our associative philosophy states, Sport and culture make us better as people and better people build better societies.

Thank you very much for your attention.

A hug,

Albert Agustí