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Dear partners,

In the first place, we hope that, in the current context, you are all in good health and that Covid-19 has not affected you, neither your family members, nor, as far as possible, the social mass of your entity.

Through this letter we want to inform you that we would like to help to give visibility to the services that you have activated to better pass this period of confinement for your partners, and not partners.

The aim is to collect the information from all the members of Sport Cultura Barcelona about the leisure and knowledge proposals that you have active and consider more appropriate to centralize and share them with everyone. This way you will be informed of the resources, materials, activities, contents and proposals that your peers have put in the open and you will be able to send them to your partners as a suggestion to make this difficult situation more bearable.

Additionally, if you also need help of any kind in the framework of the epidemic, or have started a solidarity project, let us know so that we can disseminate it among the other partners so that they can also refer it to their community, and thus help you achieve the goal.

We also indicate that in order not to saturate the recipients with information and proposals, we will send you this type of email with the different news twice a week.

In the confidence that you find this initiative interesting, we look forward to receiving your information.

Thank you very much for your attention, and we hope to meet you again in person soon,


Albert Agustí



Winners selection of the XV Sport Cultura Barcelona Awards

On January 29th, at the Real Club de Tennis Barcelona, the members of the Entity, met to carry out the final vote of the finalists of the XV edition of Sport Cultura Barcelona Awards, to find out the 2019 winners in the three disciplines: Sport, Culture and Best Career.  

The awarded were:






XV Edition of Sport Cultura Barcelona Awards. Technical jury

The technical jury, formed by professionals from the media and some members of the Entity, they got toghether at the Sofia Hotel, during a lunch, to select the finalists of the three categories that Sport Cultura Barcelona rewards: Sport, Culture and Best Career.

SPORT: Marc Gasol, Leo Messi and the Spanish women's basketball team.

CULTURE: Eduardo Mendoza, Soho/Antonio Banderas, Ferran Adrià, Jordi Herralde and Joan Margarit.

BEST CAREER: Josep Lluís Vilaseca, Ferran Adrià/Juan Mari Arzak and Carlos Sainz.

Next January 29th, will take place the winners selection of this XV edition of Sport Cultura Barcelona.


Christmas Lunch

Sport Cultura Barcelona organized the traditional Christmas lunch for its partners, on december 10th at the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona.

An important date, in which the President of the Entity offered a summary balance of the ending year. All attending partners had the opportunity to say goodby before starting Christmas holidays. 


Visit to the LOOP Fair

LOOP Barcelona, the international meeting point for video art invited Sport Cultura Barcelona's members, to an exclusive visit to the LOOP Fair, which took place at the Almanac Hotel.

The video as an artistic expression way is the language of our times. This medium represents very well the characteristics and contradictions of the world in which we live and at the same time questions its status as collective object because it is ephemeral and easily reprudicible.

In 2003, LOOP creates the first fair in the world of video art, two years before that Youtube appears. Today it is an international meeting point for videoartlovers and the largest European event dedicated to video art. Furthemore, with a hybrid forma (festival, fair and forum) LOOP enhances the creative character of the city.


Visit to the exhibition of Oriol Maspons, the useful photography / 1949-1995

Sport Cultura Barcelona, organized a privat visit with its partners, to the first major retrospective exhibition of the work of the Barcelona photographer Oriol Maspons.

The exhibition, was held at the Museu Nacional d'art de Catalunya, and presented in large format, covered more than 4 decades of intense activity in the fields of reportage, portraiture, fashion and advertising, contextualizing its production and providing support for the research in the recovery of documentary material, books, magazines, record covers, etc..., and it will also show us the final destination of the artist's photographs.


VII Edition of the Triangular Sport Cultura Barcelona Trophy

This year the VII Edition of the Triangular Sport Cultura Barcelona Trophy, started in Llavaneras Golf Club.

The game modality as in previous editions was: fourball match play handicap and shooting. 12 pairs played per Club, a total of 72 players.

The winner of this first match, that took place octuber the 7th, was the host team with 36 point, followed by the Sant Cugat Golf Club with 21,5 Golf and Real Club de Golf El Prat obteined 14,5 points.

The second match was played at the Sant Cugat Golf Club, octubre 21st and the host team won with 33,5 points, followed by Real Club de Golf El Prat with 23 and Llavaneras Golf Club  had 15,5.

La final was held, november 4th, at the Real Club de Golf El Prat where the local won and the final classificationn final gave the victory of this seventh edition to the Sant Cugat Golf Club, followed by the Llavaneras Golf Club, and third position El Prat. 

El tournement concluded with a lunch, during which the cup was awarded to the champion team and the medals to its 24 players. A medal was also awarded to Gemma Vilaseca, of the Sant Cugat team, for having achieveda Hole in One in the Llavaneras field.


Support act for the Olympic candidacy Pyrenees Barcelona 2030

Sport Cultura Barcelona, organized the act to support the Pyrenees Barcelona 2030 olympic candidacy", at the FC Barcelona Auditorium.

The event was divided into 6 blocks and had the participation of:

Javier Faus, chairman of Círculo de Economia who spoke about the economic sustainability of the project.

Josep Mateu, chairman of RACC, explained about the necessary infrastructures and mobility.

Alfred Rodríguez Picó, meteorologist, through graphics, taught the climate cycles.

Pilar Conesa, Congress Curator of the Smart City Expo World Congress and CEO of Amanteverti spoke about technological networks and the advantages they would bring.

Núria Pau, alpine skier make a brief intervention.

Rafael Vila-Sanjuan, policy and global director in ISGlobal, participated in the sociaty and culture block.

Eduard Cayón, chairman of Centre Excursionista de Catalunya, that is partner of Sport Cultura Barcelona, expressed the conclussions of the event and Alejandro Blanco, chairman of the Spanish Olympic Committee also participted and Juan Antonio Samaranch, vice president of the International Olypmc Committee as well, both highlighted the viability of the project and that the candidacy has the ability to prosper, but is very important policital unity and will to be able to carry it out. 


XV Aniversario Sport Cultura Barcelona

On the occasion of the Sport Cultura Barcelona 15th Anniversary, the Entity organized a commemorative dinner with its partners, which took place in the "Capella dels Àngels", located in the MACBA "Convent dels Àngels". An emblematic building dated from the XVI century and it is historical heritage of Barcelona's city.

With great attendance, the ceremony began with a presentation video that covered the activity, which Sport Cultura Barcelona has carried out during these last 15 years.

This was followed by several parliaments, the Honorary President, Manuel Carreras Fisas, began with a few words that made reference to the history of the institution and how it was founded.

David Escudé, Councilor for Sports of the Barcelona City Council, Carlos Prieto, deputy delegate of the Government of Barcelona and Meritxell Budó, counselor of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya also spoke.

The President of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Albert Agustí, closed the event and thanked all the support of the partners, sponsors and public institutions that have always collaborated in the actions of SCBCN.


General Assembly of Sport Cultura Barcelona members

The XIV General Assembly of Sport Cultura Barcelona members was held on wednesday 19th june, at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona.

Following the business day, the minutes of the Assembly celebrated last june 21st of 2018, were read and approved. The president, Albert Agustí, released his report, Rocío de Aguilera, general manager, exposed the activity memory and Mª Paz Corominas, treasurer of the Association, presented the annual accounts for 2018 and the budget for 2019.

At the end of the Assembly, the partners attended a session with Ramon Fauria, mentalist, lecturer and executive and personal coach author of "The book of powers; discover and expand your potential and influence", who offered a singular talk, that left no one indifferent. 

The working day concluded with a lunch at the same Club de Polo.