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Conference with Carlos Sainz and Marc Gené

Under the title ''Present and future of sportive automovilism in Spain'', the bichampion of the world of Rallies, Carlos Sainz and the taster pilot of Formula 1 of Ferrari, Marc Gené, debated and offered their particular vision on the business of sport motoring in the world and its importance in the social and cultural scope, in an act organized by Sport Cultura Barcelona. The act took place in the Barcelonian seat of the RACC and was moderated of the industrial engineer well-known Vicenç Aguilera, person in charge of the program of promotion of young pilots of motoring impelled by the RACC and the Circuit of Catalonia. As much Sainz as Gené agreed that the Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso is at the present time the star that throw of the car and the cause of the boom that lives the F1 in Spain at the moment. Both pilots insisted that have to take advantage of this sweet moment the motor in our country to harness our automobile industry so that someday we have one team Spanish in the F1. Gené aimed that the sponsors always look for the return of their investment and now bet everything to the F1. Gené told that a pilot of F3 does not appear to the media it will be very difficult to him to find a sponsor. On the other hand, Sainz declared that more investment makes lack, a similar plan like ADO of the Olympic sport, with fiscal aids for the companies, because without sponsors the sport of high level is not possible. About the circuit of Valencia the catalan pilot admitted that usually they do not please the urban circuits, because they are not more spectacular or safe, although for the promotion of a city they are better and in the subject of the security the FIA offers thousand guarantees to them. Some assistants to the conference asked to Sainz their opinion about the new route of the Dakar in South America. Sainz confessed that all the information that he had is for the press but given the circumstances in Africa it is a good solution and at personal level the varied land and without as much desert personally occurs him better. During his parliament, Sainz criticized at the present time it has been reversed that the children approach the motor, and specially to Formula 1, more by the liking and pressure that exert their parents, that by an interest of the young people. For Sainz now the children run because their parents want and hard situations for the kids are lived. Sainz showed that this situation was absolutely unthinkable in times ago, because it remembered that he left the right studies and it supposed a year relation and means of throw complexions with their family. For Sainz the children do not have to skip the scholastic formation and added that many parents aim at their children to karting because they think that it is a good form to introduce them in the world of the speed and special of Formula 1.


Conference with Severiano Ballesteros

'' Emotional intelligence in the sport and the company'' Severiano Ballesteros, the Spanish golfer that has achieved a greater international success and still today enjoys the great prestige anywhere in the world, passed by Barcelona and offered a mini conference on enterprise leadership in an act organized by Sport Cultura Barcelona, the Círculo Ecuestre and the Real Club de Golf “El Prat”. The best golfer of all the times gave all a skillful lesson on how applying the philosophy of the sport to the life and how applying the experience acquired like sportsman of first level to the enterprise leadership. Seve, as it is known him popularly, and that hoards in his professional sport life more than 87 titles, among them the Masters of Augusta, two Open British and three Ryder Cups, presented during the speech some of the keys that have allowed to apply with success their vital experience him al enterprise world and which they also are, shaped in the pages of its book ''the keys of golf for the life''. The Cantabrian golfer considered an alive legend of world-wide golf retired east year of the circuits to the 50 years of age and after three decades as professional thus chose to be centered in its other activities outside the circuits, as they are the design and construction of golf courses and teaching how to apply the principles of golf in the enterprise culture, activity that exerts through the company Motivation & Training, of that comprises from year 2006. Ballesteros now share the personal keys that used the past in becoming a number one and have developed a series of training, next to the specialists in motivation, Mariana Territo and Ricardo Rabinovich, Co-creators of Motivation & Training, forming to people and companies to harness their natural abilities and to help them to reach their goals. The conference welcomed in the audience in more of a hundred of people who enjoyed the words of Severiano. Finally, and previously to the conference, the act also served to discover, for the first time in Spain, the summary of the film on the life of the golfer. A tape that gathers the moments most shining of the professional race of the best Spanish golfer of history; and which it has been elaborated by the British producer It lassos that it works for the BBC and that has produced among others dvd of the Ryder Cup and the English equipment of rugby being others. After finalizing the conference, at night, a have dinner-talk with the participation of the own Seve took place, more than 150 companions at table, and that was moderate by the President of Sport Cultura Barcelona and the Círculo Ecuestre, Manuel Carreras.


Official Presentation of Sport Cultura Barcelona in Madrid

In the occasion of the third anniversary of Sport Cultura Barcelona, 30th of october the act of official presentation in Madrid of the association was celebrated. During this act that took place in the Casino of Madrid, appeared the ''Study about physical and sport health of the Spaniards'', that is counted with the Co sponsorship of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Havas Sports and USP Hospitales. The act was presided by the Secretary of State for Sport, Jaime Lissavetzky, Alberto López Viejo, Advisor of Sports of the Community of Madrid, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Honor President of Sport Cultura Barcelona and for its President, Manuel Carreras, and counted as well as with numerous representatives of sport, cultural, enterprise and social the scope of Spain. During this act of presentation in Madrid, Sport Cultura Barcelona, along with Havas Sports and USP Hospitales, presented, the ''Study on the sport physical health of the Spaniards'', of whom the three organizations are Co sponsorship. The ''Study on the sport physical health of the Spaniards'' that has been elaborated by Havas Sports, analyzes the sport habits of the Spaniards, focusing them from a point of view of the practice of the sport like an average one to improve the health. This study, has updated and completed one previous one of the Superior Council of Sports made in 2005 on the sport habits of the Spaniards, with an own investigation of 1,100 interviews made in all Spain. Nine variables have been taken on which to construct the denominated ''Index of Physical-Sport Health'' (ISFD), that combines the sport practice of sport, frequency and habits (the sport like health source), and that allows to establish by Independent Communities if significant similarities or differences exist.


Conference with Fernando Arrabal, dramatist and spanish writer, and Carlos Boix, cuban painter.

The last 1rst october Sport Cultura Barcelona organized a conference under the title ''Escudella a la Cubana'', to present the artistic work of the Cuban painter, grandson of Catalan established in Cuba at the beginning of the last century, Carlos Boix. As it notices exceptional we had the privilege of being able to enter to us in the work of the Cuban artist of the hand of the great writer, dramatist, philosopher and film director Fernando Arrabal, great connoisseur of the art and friend of artists like Picasso, Miró, Saura or Tàpies, among others, it wanted to show the esteem that feels by Boix and its work.


Conference with Francesco Ricci Bitti, President of the International Tennis Federation

Tennis at a Crossroads The Views of the ITF about the future of the Professional Circuits The Italian Francesco Ricci Bitti, President of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) offered under the title ''Tennis at a Crossroads'', the vision of the ITF, on the professional circuit in a conference organized by Sport Cultura Barcelona and that took place in the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona. During his speech Ricci Bitti it shelled the new challenges that its organism confronts, spoke of the beginnings of the ITF from his foundation to his beginnings in professional tennis. It approached subjects like doping, science and the technology, the paper of the ITF like regulating organism, the arbitration, tennis in the Olympic Games, the present and future calendar of professional tennis and the development of the same one in the different categories youthful, veteran and for disabled people; as well as of the new and future seats for the championships. The Italian president was optimist and showed his interest to continue fighting and working to lead this sport to highest.


Conference ''Presente y Futuro del Patrimonio Cultural Privado''

Mr. Álvaro Fernández - Villaverde, Duke of San Carlos and vice-chairman of Europa Nostra.


Tour guide to Olympic and Sport Museum of Barcelona

Previously to the act of 4º General Assembly of partners, Sport Cultura Barcelona organized a visit to the new Olympic Museum and Sport of Barcelona inaugurated recently 21 of March of 2007. The visit guided the enclosure was in charge of the own director of contents of museum Mr. Miquel Torres, that amiably the welcome to the partners from Sport Cultura Barcelona gave to the facilities of the same one. The museum is the result of a project that was born in 2001 and that finally has been materialized in a building of 4,000 square meters and that has been projected by architects Toni Camps and Xavier Basiana. Located next to the Olympic Stage Lluís Companys, to pains 30 meters of the Olympic joss stick, the museum tries to consolidate Barcelona as the capital of the sport and to pay tribute to the great world-wide sportsmen. With a total of 4,000 square meters distributed in four levels, the museum welcomes all the material relative to the Olympic Games of Barcelona and that until the present was exhibited in the Olympic Gallery that is in the South door of the stage. The objects include original medals and torches of most of the Games, sculptures, paintings (including a work of great proportions of Salvador Dalí), official posters, seals and peculiar pieces, like the original arrow that caught the Olympic joss stick in the Games of Barcelona of 1992. But without a doubt it calls the attention between all the objects more than 120 pieces than they belong to the collection deprived of Juan Antonio Samaranch, who was president of the Olympic Committee International (IOC) during 21 years, from 1980 to 2001; a unique collection in the world that welcomes pieces related to the sport, the art and the culture property of the ex-president. And that it has donated to the museum. The equipment offers a global vision (historical, playful, ethical and educative) of the disciplines and sport modalities, within a cultural and social context, that uses of outstanding form the new technologies with interactive representations and facilities multimedia. The museum becomes then, in a new activate element of the park of Montjuich that receives fourteen million visitors to the year, of which a million visits the Olympic Stadium.


IV General Assembly of Sport Cultura Barcelona members

The act was developed in the facilities of the Club Natació Barcelona and reunited by fourth consecutive time to most of the members, Board of directors and Numerary Partners, who form the Sport Cultura Barcelona Association. In the assembly the welcome like new members of the association to NATURA BISSÉ, FUNDACIÓ DAMM, NATUR HOUSE, FUNDACIÓN RAMON ARECES and RABAT. After finalizing the assembly, Manuel Carreras, president of Sport Cultura Barcelona it made delivery to Sebastià Millans, president of the Club Natació Barcelona, a plate of recognition to the club that presides over by its 100 years of trajectory and releases sport history. Also, Sebastià Millans received the congratulations of all the there present partners by the recent concession of the Creu de Sant Jordi granted to its organization by the Generalitat de Catalunya.


Guided tour to America's Cup

Sport Cultura Barcelona wishing that its members have preferential access to important social, cultural or sports events of the first magnitude, organized an exclusive day for sailing lovers on May 15th, in the incomparable setting of the regatta field where was disputed the 32nd America's Cup.

A small group of 5 people did not want to miss what is undoubtedly the sporting event of 2007 and traveled to Valencia to enjoy a magnificent day of regattas where sailing specialists explained the ins and outs of the competition. The attending group had the opportunity to spend a day through the semifinal phase of the regattas and were able to contemplate and experience closely the atmosphere that is breathed in the different bases of the groups and admire and contemplate the preparation of the participating boats before the regattas.


Open SEAT - Conde de Godó Trophy

As is habitual and agreeing with the 55 ª Edition of the Match Open SEAT - Trophy Count of Godó, Juan María Tintoré, President of the Royal Tennis Club of Barcelona, invited to the partners of Sport Cultura Barcelona, organization of which is founding partner and one of their vice-presidents, to a food that in the occasion of the mentioned sport event that annually is celebrated in Barcelona during the month of April. A match that without a doubt has become a social event instead of a merely very important sport act for the city of Barcelona