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Presentation of the Study of values and map of sport in Spain

On monday 17th june, Sport Cultura Barcelona presented "The Study of values and map of sport in Spain" at the Spanish Olympic Committee headquarters.

The presentation was under the chairman of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Albert Agustí, Alejandro Blanco chairman of the Spanish Olympic Committee and the director of Sports & Entertainment Research and head of the Study, Javier Mancebo.

Mancebo explicó que los objetivos del Estudio son "establecer los valores asociados al deporte en general, así como los atributos y valores asociados a cada modalidad deportiva en particular". 

También analizó la situación y posicionamiento de cada disciplina deportiva en función al número de practicantes, aficionados y acuerdos de patrocinio.


VIII Edition of the Sport Cultura Barcelona golf tournement

The VIII edition of the Sport Cultura Barcelona golf tournement, took place at the Llavaneras Golf Club, on june 13th.

Seventy players participated and competed in pairs under the modality fourball stableford.

The four wining games categories were:

1st scratch coupleManuel López and Andreu Pérez

1st lower handicap couple: Sergio Gil and Manuel Martínez-Fortún

1st top handicap couple: Esther Ballvé and Mònica Salada

1st senior couple: Marta Junoy and Núria Torras

At the end of the tournement, the awards were handed out and started the raffle gifts contributed by Entity's partners: Atlàntida Viatges, Caprabo, Destilerias MG, Fundació DAMM, Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu, Fundación Puig, Grupo Godó, Palau de la Música, PortAventura World, Selenta Group and Vodafone. They also collaborated with gifts: Brownie, Flamagas, Hole in One Spain, Macarfi and la Roca Village.


Delivery of the XIV edition Sport Cultura Barcelona Awards

On may 23rd during a lunch at the "Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm", the 14th edition of Sport Cultura Barcelona Awards was held.

The event was presented by the journalist Aleix Perisé, who introduced Rocío de Aguilera, general secretary of the Entity, who welcomed all attendees and gave way to the entrance video.

Albert Agustí, chairman of Sport Cultura Barcelona, thanked everyone present, personalities from the cultural, sports and institutional world of Barcelona's city.

The 95-year-old painter, Jordi Alumà, who is still active, received the award for Best Career. Alumà grateful for this award, gave one of his paintings to the Association.

The singer Rosalía, received the award in the culture category, which was collected on her name by the dancer  Ángel Corella.

Finally, the five-time MotoGP champion Marc Márquez, personally collected the award in the sport category.


Guided visit to the exhibition DURERO, Master of the Renaissance

The Reial Cercle Artístic invited the members of Sport Cultura Barcelona to visit the exhibition "DURERO, Master of the Renaissance". The Reial Cercle Artístic promoted this exhibition simultaneously distributed in three of the most relevant cultural Institutions in Barcelona; The Cathedral of Barcelona, the Diocesan Museum and the Reial Cercle Artístic.

Accompanied by the Curator of the exhibition, Helena Alonso, Director c2c of Cultural Projects, visited: the Chapter House of The Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum (Pía Almoina) and finished the cultural itinerary, at the Reial Cercle Artístic, member of Sport Cultura Barcelona, where a cocktail dinner was offered.


Lunch with Josep Bou, PP candidate for the 2019 municipal elections in Barcelona

Josep Bou, PP candidate for Mayor of Barcelona, was the last candidate to attend the lunch-colloquium with the members of Sport Cultura Barcelona. This lunch took place at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona.

During a relaxed meeting, Josep Bou explained the political proposals, that he intended to carry out and with the attending partners they discussed different current issues.


Meeting with the CUP Capgirem Barcelona

On april 16th, at the Headquarters of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Jordi Magrinyà, number two on the CUP Capgirem Barcelona list and councilor Maria Rovira, they met with a few members of Sport Cultura Barcelona.

During the meeting they explained the reasons for the party to run municipal elections on may 26th, its expectaionss and political ideas. 


Lunch with Jaume Collboni, PSC candidate for the 2019 municipal elections in Barcelona

Jaume Collboni, PSC candidate for Mayor of Barcelona, shared a lunch-colloquium with the members of Sport Cultura Barcelona at the Reial Club Marítim in Barcelona.

At this meeting, Collboni commented on the political proposals that his party wanted to carry out and a dialogue was generated among the attendees.


Lunch with Elsa Artadi, Junts per Catalunya candidate for the 2019 municipal elections

Elsa Artadi, candidate number two to the Barcelona City Council for "Junts per Catalunya", shared a lunch-colloquium with the members of Sport Cultura Barcelona at the Círculo Ecuestre.

During the event, Artadi spoke of the political projects that her party had programmed; She also held a talk with the attending members on issues related to the current political moment.


Private visit to Jaume Plensa exhibition

MACBA opened its doors to us, for a guided visit to the exhibition of one of the Catalan sculptors with the most international projection, recognized worldwide for his public work art in cities such as: Chicago, London, Montreal, Nice, Tokyo, Toronto or Vancouver.

Accompanied by Cristina Bonet, coordinator of the exhibition, the attending members had the opportunity to visit Jaume Plensa's exhibition, which had works from the eighties to the most recent period, a tour that showed the dialogue that takes place between the works that represent the human figure and abstract works.


Lunch with Ernest Maragall, ERC candidate for the 2019 municipal elections in Barcelona

On the occasion of the municipal elections, called for May 26th, Sport Cultura Barcelona invited the candidates from the different parties who were running for the Mayor of Barcelona to share a lunch-colloquium with its partners.

The second meeting of this cycle was on April 2nd, with Ernest Maragall, head of the ERC candidacy list, and it took place at the Mirador restaurant located in Palau de la Música Catalana.

Maragall commented on the proposals and projects that they planned to carry out and exchanged opinions with the group of partners who attended this lunch.