Foment de les Arts i del Disseny

New partner

On October 28th, The Fostering Arts and Design became a collaborating partner of Sport Cultura Barcelona.

Its President, Mr. Jordi Montaña and the President of the Association, Mr. Albert Agustí signed the collaboration agreement between both entities.

Fostering Arts and Design is a non-profit association of professionals and businesses connected to design. They dedicate their resources in promoting creative culture, supporting new generations and stimulating excellence in product design, architecture, fashion, graphic design, visual communication, crafts and arts in general.


    Support act for the Olympic candidacy Pyrenees Barcelona 2030

    Sport Cultura Barcelona, organized the act to support the Pyrenees Barcelona 2030 olympic candidacy'', at the FC Barcelona Auditorium.

    The event was divided into 6 blocks and had the participation of:

    Javier Faus, chairman of Círculo de Economia who spoke about the economic sustainability of the project.

    Josep Mateu, chairman of RACC, explained about the necessary infrastructures and mobility.

    Alfred Rodríguez Picó, meteorologist, through graphics, taught the climate cycles.

    Pilar Conesa, Congress Curator of the Smart City Expo World Congress and CEO of Amanteverti spoke about technological networks and the advantages they would bring.

    Núria Pau, alpine skier make a brief intervention.

    Rafael Vila-Sanjuan, policy and global director in ISGlobal, participated in the sociaty and culture block.

    Eduard Cayón, chairman of Centre Excursionista de Catalunya, that is partner of Sport Cultura Barcelona, expressed the conclussions of the event and Alejandro Blanco, chairman of the Spanish Olympic Committee also participted and Juan Antonio Samaranch, vice president of the International Olypmc Committee as well, both highlighted the viability of the project and that the candidacy has the ability to prosper, but is very important policital unity and will to be able to carry it out. 



      New partner

      Le Chef Catering, became part of Sport Cultura Barcelona, during the month of January. Laura Pi, managing partner, is the representative in our Entity.

      Restoration company specialized in high-end selective catering service, created by Laura Pi in 1995. Quality, originality and impeccable service are the essential ingredients that define them.


        Andrés Iniesta

        Sport Cultura Barcelona Award 2017, Best Career

        Andrés Iniesta, personally collected the Sport Cultura Barcelona Award, in the Best Career category, on Saturday December 22 at FC Barcelona.

        Albert Agustí, President of Sport Cultura Barcelona, presented Andrés Iniesta with the award that he had collected in his name, Guillermo Amor, on October 17 at the Old Estrella Damm Factory.


          Jaume Plensa, Andrés Iniesta and Garbiñe Muguruza receive Sport Cultura Barcelona Awards 2017

          17th october 2018

          The sculptor Jaume Plensa, in the category ‘Culture’; the tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza, in the 'Sport' category, represented by Àlex Corretja, and the soccer player Andrés Iniesta, in the 'Best Career' category, represented by Guillermo Amor, received the Sport Cultura Barcelona Awards at the Old Factory Estrella Damm 2017. Moreover, the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital received a Special Mention.

          The event was attended by the president of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Albert Agustí and the honorary president of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Manuel Carreras Fisas, as well as various personalities from the cultural, sports and institutional world of the city such as Gerard Figueras, General Secretary of the Esport of the Generalitat de Catalunya; Maite Fandos, Deputy Delegate for Sports of the Diputació de Barcelona; Marta Carranza, Sports Commissioner of the Barcelona City Council; o Ramón Agenjo, patron director of the Fundació Damm.

          Sport Cultura Barcelona Awards reward a person, group or institution that has been relevant in the field of Culture and Sports, as well as the one for Best Career in recognition of a person, group or entity for their professional career in any field. Furthemore there is also a Special Mention for a finalist person or entity that deserves it due to their work, journey or dedication, at the discretion of the Jury.

          Jaume Plensa indicated that "whenever there is recognition of culture by civil society it is a reason for satisfaction". He also expressed that he was born in Barcelona and receiving this Award "is very emotional." Finally, he remarked that "introducing beauty in this city is an obligation of the artist."

          Àlex Corretja, assisted on behalf of Garbiñe Muguruza, he said that “Garbiñe is very grateful and excited about the Award” and he commented that “all those who wonder when he will explode as a player must think that only with 25 years he has already won Wimbledon and Roland Garros, and to compare him with us at his age ”.

          For her part, Guillermo Amor, representing Andrés Iniesta, stressed that the La Mancha player "is an example for what she has done on and off the field." Iniesta sent a video in which he said that "it is a reason of happiness to receive this Award because sport and culture are very important in people's lives."

          Manel del Castillo, managing director of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, declared that "we are very excited about this Special Mention and very happy for who gives it to us" and recalled that "our mission has always been to attend to the most vulnerable people for 150 years ”.

          The president of Sport Cultura Barcelona, Albert Agustí, remarked "there are 3 very distinguished Awards and for the first time we have a Special Mention to a very relevant entity in our city that does a great job". He also recalled that it was 32 years ago today since the designation of Barcelona as an Olympic city and pointed out that "now we have another dream: Barcelona-Pyrenees 2030. We must all work together to achieve it."

          The Jury of this edition that decided the winners, from a shortlist presented by the entity for each category, was made up of journalists Ramon Besa (El País), Àlex Castells (TV3), Anna Cristeto (Europa Press), Iosu de la Torre (El Periódico de Catalunya), Ernest Folch (Sport), Mª Dolores García (La Vanguardia), Eladio Jareño (TVE), Leandro Lamor (Agencia EFE), Jordi Margarit (RAC 1), Santi Nolla (Mundo Deportivo ), José Orihuel (Expansión), Toni Padilla (Ara) and Ramon Rovira (RAC 1) and the partners of Sport Cultura Barcelona Ramón Agenjo (DAMM Foundation), Albert Agustí (Sport Cultura Barcelona), Elena Barraquer (Barraquer Clinic), Josep Mª Bartomeu (FC Barcelona), Manuel Carreras Fisas (Sport Cultura Barcelona), Mª Paz Corominas (Sport Cultura Barcelona), Ignacio García-Nieto (Cercle del Liceu), Pere Guardiola (Grupo Godó), Rafael Guayta (Club Tennis Barcino), José Martínez-Rovira (Havas Media), Arturo Mas-Sardá (PortAventurawWorld), Josep Mateu (RACC), Jordi Mestre (Selenta Group), Gabriele Palma (SEAT), Ricardo Rodrigo (Fundació RBA) and José Miguel Torres (Sant Cugat Golf Club).



            New partner

            This last quarter of the year has entered as a new partner, Stratesys. Ramón Montané, president of the company, acts as a representative at Sport Cultura Barcelona.

            Stratesys is a leading multinational in digital services, backed by 20 years of experience and one of the largest specialists in SAP and Opentext technologies.



              New partner

              The Club Natació Atlètic Barceloneta, has become a permanent member of Sport Cultura Barcelona. Its president Julián García González is the representative of our Association.

              Aquest Club will begin in 1992 with the union of the historic Club Natació Athlètic, founded in 1913, and the Club Natació Barceloneta, in 1929. It encourages the practice of sports and healthy habits.



                is integrated into the structure of agencies of ALTA GRUPO DE COMUNICACIÓN

                Solsona Comunicación, member of Sport Cultura Barcelona and one of the main Communication and Public Relations agencies in Spain, joined Alta Grupo de Comunicación last June.

                Solsona Comunicación, was founded in 1993 by Montse Solsona, it is specialized in communication, public relations, institutional relations, protocol, public affairs and digital marketing.

                Alta Grupo de Comunicación is made up for Punta Alta, a specialist in the healthcare sector; La Bendita Agencia, a full service advertising agency; and The Digital Adgency, an expert in Digital Advertising and Communication services.

                With this alliance they join synergies and optimize processes to offer a greater spectrum of services and activities, which will allow them to increase their business and positioning at the national level.


                  Mª Paz Corominas swam across the Strait of Gibraltar

                  On May 11th, Mª Paz Corominas, treasurer of Sport Cultura Barcelona, successfully managed to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar in record time, spending 4 hours 01 minutes.

                  She was the first Spanish athlete to qualify for an Olympic final, was in 1968 in Mexico and now she has become the first swimmer of more than 60 years to achieve this feat.





                    The pioneer Mari Paz Corominas commemorates her 50 Olympic years

                    by crossing the Strait of Gibraltar

                    She will try the second week of May to celebrate her participation in Mexico 68, where she became the first woman to reach an Olympic final of the Spanish delegation, framed in a solidarity action.

                    The swimmer Maria Paz Corominas, 65, will try to cross the Strait of Gibraltar by swimming the second week of May. She will do it with three friends (her brother and two doctors of the same generation) with the aim of commemorating the 50th anniversary of her Olympic participation in the Mexico 68 Games, when the swimmer from C.N.. Sabadell became a pioneer. Mari Paz managed to qualify for the final of the 200 swimming backstroke, a milestone in a Spain that in those Games only took two female athletes: she, 16, and Pilar von Carsten, 21 and also a swimmer. Along with them, 122 men. "They treated me very well, I was the spoiled child," recalls now with nostalgia the first Spanish athlete to reach an Olympic final.

                    Maria Paz's adventure has the support of Marnaton and is also part of a solidarity action. The swimmer and her friends have created an initiative in the crowdfunding  http://www.migranodearena.org/">www.migranodearena.org, in order to "share solidarity with women, men and children fleeing poverty and wars in their countries in subhuman conditions." The initiative is called Give life to the sea and is supported by Pro Activa Open Arms. It is linked, of course, to water. “They are doing a great job rescuing people from the sea. Apart from saving lives, then they can train them as lifeguards, thus they go from being rescued to rescuers ”, he commented.